Grand Opening
42.04.07 / Well, not so grand, but the site is no longer under construction. There's not much material to work with at the moment - Bethesda has been incredibly tight-lipped about what Fallout 3 will look and feel like. Pete Hines, who does a lot of the publicity for Bethesda's titles, says it's because the developers prefer to show rather than tell. Until we reach the point where Bethesda has something to show, this site will function as a hub for confirmed facts, rumors, any images which slip through the cracks, and a source of up-to-the-minute news collated from around the web.

Now, a little about me. On the net I'm known as Le Driver, and I run my fan-sites under that handle. I'm also webmaster of The Elder Scrolls Traveler, a weekly eZine dedicated to The Elder Scrolls series of games, which Bethesda is most famous for. I have a number of years experience maintaining websites, a love of RPGs, and a general fondness for the games created by Bethesda Game Studios. I'm hoping all this makes me relatively qualified to run the Survival Kit.

If you have your own site I would be more than happy to swap buttons or links with you. A new site always struggles to find its feet and link exchanges do help. Drop me a line if you're interested.

In the mean time, see you on the forums!




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