What follows are some unsubstantiated quotes floating around on the net from people who claim to have had privileged access to the game or to its developers. Keep in mind that these people may never have seen or done the things they say and could simply be hoping for their 15 minutes in the fan community spotlight. Most rumors prove to be untrue - but, rumors do give us all something to read in the absence of any solid information!

"I used to work at BSW [Bethesda Softworks] and I still keep in touch with the guys there. On a trip back to visit my friends there in the US I saw some artwork for the concepts and stuff… Obviously I can’t discuss specifics, but it looked very VERY nice. I think they are managing to make it look far and away different from the style they use in TES games, so I think that will help.

As far as writing is concerned, I ain’t too worried about that either. The fact that the main writer for the TES games no longer works there means you probably won’t have his “touch” influencing it. Which is not to say that I think Ken would do a bad job."

- Comment left by endekks, posting at ars technica (14 April 2007) / Source: Fallout 3, A Post Nuclear Blog
Unashamedly stupid RT combat that will make Bloodlines combat look like genuine CRPG gameplay (as if we could expect anything else from Bethesda as of recent), same kind of roam as Oblivion, except from what I saw and was told, it’s FP combat when firearms are brought into play much like Bloodlines. In other words, they’re giving Fallout a near Dark Messiah treatment that Might and Magic enjoyed, but with a lot less kicking, probably about the same writing quality, and with 90% more industry newbies on the team. From what I was told up to November, they were still having fun learning about how to script speech trees, as those were considered to be “extra” from the start.
- Posted by Rosh, forum user at RPGCodex who claims to have spoken to multiple sources within Bethesda. Keep in mind that this user is incredibly hostile towards Bethesda, calling them a "sold-out company" in his signature. It seems very unlikely he has developed friendships within the company, considering how much he seems to hate it - though he does have a some small background in the computer gaming industry. / Source: Fallout 3, A Post Nuclear Blog
Although Hines wouldn’t be drawn on a date for the first public showing of Fallout 3, one of our insider sources let slip that it was likely to be during the new format E3 videogame tradeshow in July [2007], if not before.
- From 360Gamer interview with Pete Hines / Source: Fallout 3, A Post Nuclear Blog
There are a bunch of comments on Kotaku about whether or not it [Fallout 3] will be first person, third person, and how well the game will play out and look. All I have to say is, don’t worry. I can’t say anything more then that, but really and truly trust me, don’t worry. If you must know more you’ll have to ask me personally, and even then probably with a few drinks in me for good measure.
- Bartoneus at / Source: Fallout 3, A Post Nuclear Blog



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